The Success-Story of German Edition

The first German edition has been published in 1999. The resonance of the book has been enthusiastic: 98% of the professors and teachers (not all but this is always the case and clear for us!) gave the best evaluations and started to recommend the textbook in their lectures.

Until 2006 there were sold - on German speaking part only - almost 20000 exemplars

Enthusiastic was also the echo of the print media and television (05.05.2000 Frankfurter Rundschau, 25.10.2000 Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, television show "DAS!"

The textbook "Keine Panik vor Mechanik!" has been presented very successfully as a show event of "Bertelsmann-Springer-Publisher" at the Frankfurt Fair of Books 2003.

Today the fifth edition is available. It is guessed that every fourth to fifth student of mechanical or electrical engineering in the German-speaking part own the book.

Even the technical drawings performed in the book as simple hand sketches enjoy both students and teachers. Many students are thankful (and express this in emails to the authors), that there is AT LAST something, which explains Mechanics from another point of view.

Due to the big success of the book the publisher started a series. The second book “Ohne Panik Strömungsmechanik!” (Fluidmechanics without Panic(s)) started in 2003.

"Keine Panik vor Thermodynamik!" (Don`t Panic with Thermodynamics!") started in 2005.

Further books like "Keine Panik vor Statistik!" (Don`t Panic with Statistics!) are in progress (all subjects, where students have problems...).