The Book

There is an end of fail the Mechanics exam!


Oliver Romberg, Nikolaus Hinrichs

Don’t Panic with Mechanics!

Paperback: 343 pages

Publisher: VIEWEG (April, 2006)

ISBN: 383480181X

The ultimate companion in the classical horror discipline of engineering science! Content of the book are the basics of mechanics as treated in engineering and physical sciences: Statics, Elastostatics, Kinematics & Kinetics in unconventional, humorous presentation with many cartoons, funny explanations and a chapter containing several exercises with detailed solutions.


  1. In full Possession of our Mental Forces and Moments: Statics
  2. Enough Rigid Thinking: Elastostatics
  3. Everything in Motion: Kinematics and Kinetics
  4. Exercises: Practice Makes the Loser a Winner